May 2019

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Recording Apprentices in ESR

Following the introduction of the Apprenticeship Extra Information Type (EIT) which was implemented into ESR in Release 39 in June 2018, the guidance on recording Apprentices in ESR has been revised.

Previously organisations were advised to use the three specific Apprentice Job Roles which were available within the Additional Clinical Services, Administrative & Clerical and Estates & Ancillary staff groups as this was the only way to identify an Apprentice in ESR (with the exception of the ‘H’ NI Category for apprentices under 25).

The Workforce Information Review Group agreed that the implementation of the Apprenticeship EIT was an opportunity to enable a more specific Job Role to be recorded which will then be used to identify the role that the Apprentice is actually undertaking for the duration of their Apprenticeship, rather than to simply indicate that they are an Apprentice.

E.g. An Apprentice Health Care Assistant would have previously been recorded with a Job Role of ‘Additional Clinical Services | Apprentice’ but should now be recorded with a Job Role of ‘Additional Clinical Services | Healthcare Assistant’ and the Apprenticeship EIT should be populated with a Framework/Standard of ‘Health - Clinical Healthcare Support’

Following release of the new EIT, the Apprentice Job Roles were retired as part of National Workforce Dataset (NWD 3.0) in March 2019 and are now invalid.

As a result, organisations are required to amend the assignment details of employees currently associated with these invalid Job Role values by either moving the employee to a new position or requesting a change of Staff Group/Job Role using the Mass Update facility available via SR.

Request a New Service > AC > Mass Updates > Workstructures > Mass Update Job Role

Please note: Assignments currently identified with an Apprentice Job Role should then recorded via the Apprenticeship Extra Information (EIT).  It is important that Apprentice Type is complete for all Apprenticeship EIT’ to identify New or Existing employees undertaking an Apprenticeship.

Data Quality

To assist organisations in identifying employees who still hold the retired Job Roles of ‘Apprentice’ an enhancement has been made to the ESR Business Intelligence Data Quality Dashboard Job Role validation which now identifies Invalid Job Roles as well as NULL values.


A number of Apprenticeship analyses have been added to national content in BI to assist organisations in monitoring Apprentices.

This includes an Apprenticeship detail and summary pages available within the Staff In Post & Learning Administration Dashboards which provides high level information of employees undertaking Apprenticeships.

NB: The list of Frameworks/Standards and EPA Centres has recently been reviewed and changes to the LOVs will be implemented in the near future.


For further information on how the new Apprenticeship functionality has positively impacted processes in Wales please click here.


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